What masters to study after a career in Industrial Engineering?

If you like challenges and constant learning, surely you have already realized that pursuing a career in Industrial Engineering was a success. Also, unlike other engineering firms, you will have noticed that apart from training in technical areas, you also have a solid administrative knowledge base.

And as your notions cover practically any area, you have at your disposal a wide range of job opportunities. This branch of engineering is based on the improvement of human resources, technicians and information, which is why it is a basic profession in the development of the country.

There is no doubt that industrial engineering is one of the careers offered by the most polyvalent training. As already mentioned, it combines knowledge areas as diverse as mechanics, electricity, electronics, metallurgy, chemistry, textiles, industrial organization, robotics, etc., with management and economics subjects.

Having graduated in this race makes you an SUV capable of working in any company and sector. Now, after having acquired such diverse notions, it is likely that you also want to specialize. In this case, taking a master’s degree may be the best solution.

Why study a master’s degree after an Industrial Engineering degree?
When you graduate in college, whether in an engineering career or in another field, it is becoming increasingly necessary to give continuity to that training. In addition to acquiring new knowledge, it is also expected that you can grow in the professional field, but also in the staff.

For this reason, once you have finished your university degree in Industrial Engineering, not everything ends there. You have a great variety of postgraduate options so that you can advance professionally. In addition, you can specialize in a specific area, so that when you start playing in that chosen branch, you can demonstrate absolute control and performance.

Accessing higher education will facilitate, therefore, income and adaptation to the labor market. You can also show that you are up to date with the new modalities and technologies of the moment. In short, a master’s degree will provide you with more specialized and current knowledge about the area of interest chosen.

As the range of job opportunities is broad, so is the offer of master’s degrees. However, remember that in addition to these studies, you also have other training alternatives. As can be other postgraduate studies or even continuing education courses in the branch of industrial engineering.

Which master do you want to take?
These are our proposals of study and specialization after having finished the university degree in Industrial Engineering:

Master in Industrial Engineering. The main objective of this master’s degree is to complete the studies and the skills that you have been able to acquire throughout the degree. Also, once you have passed it, you can access the doctorate programs.

MBA Taking an MBA can be a great opportunity, since it allows you to acquire complementary notions to the analytical skills obtained during the race. That is, it offers you the possibility of knowing the foundations of the business world. If you want to escape from the technical world of engineering and turn your career around, this is your chance!

Master in prevention of occupational hazards. It is necessary that work environments have the necessary safety measures for the development of daily activities, and also that workers are aware of these safety measures. You will acquire the technical knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the development of the different functions.

Master in Project Management. You will become familiar with the necessary tools to manage optimally any type of project. You will also learn to monitor projects and measure and analyze results to assess their success.
Master in Logistics Management. You will acquire general notions about the fundamentals of logistics and physical distribution.

You will be trained, in turn, to manage purchases, supplies and supply chains.
These are some of the master’s proposals that our company puts at your disposal. Are you clear about what you want to do once you have graduated? Remember that if you have any questions, you can contact our expert advisors. You can also share it with us through a comment.

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