What masters to study after Mechanical Engineering?

As is already well known, engineering are careers that have a lot of future prospects. With regard to mechanical engineering, and as is already the case with others, it also has a wide field of action. The mechanical engineer can intervene in almost any industry, so it is a versatile and multidisciplinary profile. And although in many cases this may be an advantage, specialization through other higher education also becomes relevant.

If you have graduated from university, be it in Mechanical Engineering or another of the disciplines of the engineering field, and you want to specialize, you are in the right place! We are going to show you the master options you have at your disposal, so you can launch your professional career. Remember that in addition to this training offer, Our website puts at your disposal as many alternatives, such as continuous training.

The duration of these courses is shorter, and unlike the master’s degrees, the access requirements do not include, necessarily, having graduated from the university.

What does a mechanical engineer do?
Although we already explained in another article what a mechanical engineer is dedicated to, we give you some main clues about his work. If you think that your work is limited to engines and vehicles, we encourage you to continue reading, as your exercise goes beyond this.

It occupies a leading role in the development, design and manufacture of machines for the production of goods or services. It also contributes through the development of new materials and with the use of technology, so that industries, products and processes change to be more efficient and sustainable.

Having this that we have just mentioned, there is no doubt that a mechanical engineer can work in a myriad of areas. All production involving machinery and equipment requires mechanical engineering interventions to improve its operation.

The only disciplines in which it could not function well (but know its principles) are electricity, electronics and business administration. Although that yes, this can vary in function of the specialization chosen.

What master to study after the race
As we have already indicated throughout this article, the field of action of this engineering is very broad. For this reason, we show you a series of master’s degrees that offer you the possibility of narrowing the funnel and focusing on what you would like to specialize in:

Master in Mechanical Engineering. This master’s degree trains you in the exercise of the profession, in its most global sense. That is, in the design, calculation and mechanical tests, and on the other hand, in the manufacturing, execution and control processes of the assembly of machinery and installations.

In addition, it will allow you access to the official doctoral programs in Mechanical Engineering.
Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering. Do you want to specialize to work in the automotive sector? This postgraduate course will provide you with the necessary knowledge from a technical point of view, project management and production, to achieve economically and technically viable solutions to the current problems of the automotive sector.

Master in Industrial Engineering. The following training option is designed to provide advanced and specialized notions in the field of industrial technology from a multidisciplinary perspective. It will also enable you to undertake, plan and integrate innovative technologies.

Master in Industrial Organization. Form professionally in the advanced management of industrial processes and organizations, to improve their competitiveness and create value.

Master in prevention of occupational hazards. You will learn the basics of occupational risk prevention and learn how to implement them. Throughout the course you will deal with topics such as the following: legal scope of prevention, notions of labor law, emergency plans and self-protection, fundamental aspects of prevention and responsibilities in preventive matters.

Master in Renewable Energy. Become an expert capable of designing, managing and directing electric generation projects based on renewable energies.

These are some of the master options that we put at your disposal. However, remember that our training offer is very broad. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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