What Human Food Can Leopard Geckos Eat?

None. Leopard Geckos can’t eat any human foods. They are insectivores and require a diet made up exclusively of insects (and a little water to drink). What Do Leopard Geckos Eat? This can be covered in much greater depth but it pretty much boils down to this: Leopard Geckos eat insects. Feed them a diet rich … Read more

Leopard Gecko Shedding 101: A Complete Guide

Like all reptiles, Leopard Geckos shed their skin throughout their lives. This is a perfectly normal and healthy process for Leopard Geckos to go through, even though it looks a little strange to us mammals! So strange, in fact, that it can cause new owners to worry that something might be wrong with their little … Read more

Can Leopard Geckos Swim?

Short answer – No. Leopard Geckos cannot swim. Their natural habitat consists of dry, rocky deserts or mountains so they are not well adapted to, or particularly fond of, swimming or living in an aquatic environment. What Happens When Leopard Geckos Go In Water? If they happen to find themselves in a body of water, … Read more

Are Leopard Geckos Poisonous?

No, Leopard Geckos are not poisonous. They have no venom and a bite from a gecko will rarely break the skin so there is very little to worry about. Leopard Geckos can be safely handled by adults and children alike. Are Leopard Geckos Poisonous To Cats? While they don’t have venom as such, geckos can carry … Read more

Leopard Gecko Not Pooping

There’s nothing quite as frustrating for an owner as when their leopard gecko won’t poop. You’ve tried everything, from changing your diet to trying different types of substrates, but nothing seems to work. Well, never fear! Here are some tips and tricks to get your leopard gecko back on track. Leopard Geckos And Their Digestive … Read more

Do Leopard Geckos Need Heat Mats?

Leopard geckos need heat and light sources in their tank to mimic the temperature and light differences between night and day that you would get in nature. The best option for this at home is a heat lamp and a heat mat combo. Without both, leopard geckos can get too cold and suffer from the … Read more

Leopard Gecko Noises

One thing that often surprises new Leopard Gecko owners is the fact that these geckos, unlike most reptiles, can make a variety of noises and sounds. Now, you’re not going to have neighbors complaining about loud barking waking them up every night or anything, and some owners rarely (or never) even hear their Leos chirping away. … Read more

Can Superworms Hurt Leopard Geckos?

Superworms are a popular addition to many Leopard Geckos diets but they have a reputation for being a bit of a dangerous meal and some owners flat out refuse to feed them to their beloved geckos. While it’s true that superworms do bite, they are unlikely to cause any damage to a full-grown gecko and are … Read more