Can Superworms Hurt Leopard Geckos?

Superworms are a popular addition to many Leopard Geckos diets but they have a reputation for being a bit of a dangerous meal and some owners flat out refuse to feed them to their beloved geckos. While it’s true that superworms do bite, they are unlikely to cause any damage to a full-grown gecko and are … Read more

Crested Gecko Chirping

Believe it or not, but Crested Geckos are actually very vocal pets, and while they might not match cats or dogs with the volume and sheer amount of noise they make, they are certainly one of the more expressive species of gecko in this regard. For first-time owners though, it can be unexpected and perhaps … Read more

Are Leopard Geckos Smart? (Sort Of, But Not Really)

Leopard Geckos are not intelligent, they are instinctive. Geckos, and reptiles in general, have relatively small brains and, in general, smaller brains equate to lower intelligence. Add to that the fact that Leopard Geckos’ skulls are basically hollow – if you shine a flashlight through their ear canal you can see right through to the other … Read more

Can You Overfeed a Leopard Gecko?

Yes, you can overfeed a Leopard Gecko but they will usually stop eating when they are full. Overfeeding is not usually something owners do on purpose but it can be fairly common among new gecko owners who are just a little too keen to make sure their new pet is happy. How Often Should I … Read more

Are Leopard Geckos Social?

Leopard Geckos generally lead a solitary life but can live in a group with one male and several females. Even if they are housed together (which isn’t always a good idea), you won’t find them socializing or interacting with each other as you might expect with some other pets. More likely, they will just tolerate their … Read more

Can Leopard Geckos Live Together?

Leopard Geckos are solitary animals that prefer to live alone. Male and female Leopard Geckos can be housed together but be aware that their natural instincts will take over and they will start to breed so be prepared to look after a family of geckos! If you bought your Leopard Gecko from a pet shop you … Read more

Do Leopard Geckos Recognize Their Owners?

Do leopard geckos recognize their owners? This is a question that a lot of us have wondered about. It’s a question that a lot of us have looked for answers to. The simple answer is, we don’t know for sure if Leopard Geckos recognize their owners but we do know that they will form a bond … Read more