3 Reasons Why Your Bearded Dragon Is Head Bobbing

Small, scaly, and always curious bearded dragons are amazing creatures. Their first appearance and innocent face are enough to make any animal fall in love with them.

If you’re lucky enough to own one and notice its activities regularly, you may have seen them digging, waving,, and sometimes bobbing their head.

So, is there any specific reason for all its locomotion, especially head bobbing? Let’s discuss.

The reason behind the Head bobbing of a Bearded dragon

In humans we usually Bob our heads while listening to some good hip hop but you can’t say that for bearded dragons of course. For them, it may mean attracting females for mating, sensing danger to their territory, showing submission to their competitor, or due to some health reasons.

So, there’s no need to be concerned about it. With all these different reasons you can’t be sure about one thing when you see your Beardy shaking its head. But if it seems weak or does this regularly and rapidly then you should take early precautions, investigate further, and show it to Vet.

Let’s discuss in detail about various reasons behind the head bobbing of a Bearded dragon.

1. Trying to Protect its territory

Bearded dragons are territorial species. As they are not very comfortable with the intruders in their area(special Males), they Bob their heads when they see one inside. To show their dominance while protecting their territory, male breaded dragons Bob their head as a warning sign towards the intruders.

To terrify their rivals, they Bob their head very fast along with hissing and revealing their beards. Showing beads and flattening their bodies make them look bigger, it’s the best way to intimidate the threats.

2. Head Bob when trying to mate

Just like the other animals and reptiles bearded dragons have their unique signs to attract the females for mating. Head bobbing is also one of those signs. However, head Bob for mating is slightly different than other reasons as they perform it really slowly and carefully.

Males usually indicate to their partners that he’s ready to mate. Turning its beard black is also an attention-seeking sign. In response, females also shake their heads along with arm waving, but slowly. It counts as a positive response and the male knows now that the female is also ready to mate.

3. Head Bob due to health issues

Head bobbing is a common behavior seen in beardies but if it’s getting more often and seems unnatural then it’s better to take early precautions. Take your dear pet to the vet and ask if something is wrong or if it’s just their common behavior.

The frequent head bobbing may be underlying health conditions causing this unnatural behavior. If your Beardy is facing some metabolic bone disease or some infection, it may cause the head to bob, wave, and jerk.

Try to calm the bearded dragon and place someplace quiet to notice the behavior change. If bobbing continues then It’s better to consult with a vet expert as soon as possible.

Why do bearded dragons Bob their heads at humans?

If the bearded dragon is Bobbing its head towards its human then you can take it as a kind of gesture showing that it needs attention. It may also mean that they think they are superior and you have respect for them (it’s an animal kingdom, anything is possible).

You can control its head bobbing by bonding more closely with your Beardy. It helps them understand that you respect their behavior.

Why My bearded dragon bob its head while sleeping

.There’s no need to worry about it. It’s just another common behavior you’ve encountered if you’re sure that it’s not ill for sure.

One more thing, make sure you make the surrounding environment comfortable for the cutie like less noisy, dim lights (Dark will be more comfortable), and comfortable surface. It will surely help to reduce the head bobbing while taking a deep sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is head bobbing serious in bearded dragons?

Head bobbing in bearded dragons is a common behavior just like waving and beard puffing. So, it’s not a concerning situation. But if you find frequent and unusual or your pet seems weak then it’s better to consult with your local vet.

Does head bobbing always mean hunger?

Not always of course, sometimes the dragon also shakes their head while attracting females, protecting its territory or submission. And if you see them bobbing their head with licking lips then it’s a sure sign that they’re hungry.

Why is My Female Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing?

Unlike the male dragons, females are less aggressive and not much seen bobbing their heads. But still, they do shake their head to show submission, assert dominance, or accept a mating invitation.

Why is my bearded dragon head shaking while eating?

Head bobbing in the bearded dragon is a common behavior and if it’s doing it while eating then it’s just enjoying the meals. So, nothing to worry about. However, it’s also possible if it’s feared that someone will snatch its food.


Bearded dragons are really cool, calm, and like I said before, amazing creatures. head bobbing is one of the common behaviors you’ll encounter in them just like waving, beard puffing, and chin turning. It will be due to many reasons and all we’ve discussed in this article. if you still think that the situation is serious then it’s better to consult with a vet.

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